The subcontractors we offer provide renovation and general construction services. Our database consists of a wide range of specialists who are able to handle each investment. Our flagship specialties are general construction and electrical services, we also we carry out demolition services. Our specialists will carry out the entire demolition, remove waste, as well as clear and shape the area.

We supply our business partners with specialists who will deliver comprehensive service of their orders. We adapt to all your requirements and have an individual approach to each of them. We guarantee that our subcontractors will take care of every aspect precisely and reliably.

We offer:

  • bricklaying services,
  • welding services,
  • plastering services,
  • roofing services,
  • -plumbing services,
  • carpentry services,
  • carpentry services,
  • painting services,
  • electrical services,
  • tiling services,
  • defense services,
  • locksmith services,
  • turning services,
  • demolition services,
  • ground works.

You can rest assured, they will finish each order according to your requirements and expectations. We select the best specialists in the construction, roofing, plumbing and electrical industries. We focus primarily on knowledge, talent and experience because these are key features to success and successful cooperation.

We work with companies who implemented many projects, which ended as agreed, and the client was satisfied.

We select subcontractors very strictly before we recommend them to you. We have several years of experience and are able to organize a team of qualified subcontractors within only 14 days. We are aware of the importance of timelines, which is why our priority is to provide you with the right candidates or subcontractors that will meet all your requirements.

We can help you reduce your involvement within your project. If necessary, we provide transportation, accommodation and all formalities. We comprehensively handle every order, even the most complex ones.